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    July 15, 2010
    12:00 - 12:30pm EDT  

>> good afternoon. i'm in the best ever. our big story, the weather, first triple digit temperatures and rain and thunderstorms and now back to the heat. how hot will it get? that a check in with our meteorologist. >> good afternoon. triple digits not where we are headed, but hot and humid, yes,
because not only of the temperatures of their -- right now it is at 87 at bwi marshall. we will get an update. but the humidity is high as well. 55% cannot be very high, but that means the air is a little better than 50% saturated and moisture in this temperature. when the dew point temperature is around 70 or higher, that means it is humid, very troubled. the dew point temperature right now is 69. that is a high reading. we will put up with this stuff as we go on to the weekend. we will talk about all of that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, john. after a dozen deaths in maryland did to extreme heat over the last week, authorities are taken steps to avoid it happening again. marilyn's first lady and baltimore mayor are urging all marilyn beers to take precautions and pay -- maryland deposit first lady and baltimore
mayor urging all marylanders to take precautions. >> take care of relatives and neighbors. if they are in a situation where they don't have air- conditioning, check on them every day. >> this year's numbers of heat- related deaths doubled last year. the city and state is working to make sure cooling centers are off -- working and had energy assistance programs. police say a man was driving under the influence with the crashed into a hertford county building. route 1 and hickory. witnesses said the car hit three parked vehicles before flipping over and crashing into the front of a store. >> it was like five or six of us and there and we heard of all the crashing and we turned around and we were like in shock. >> the driver was airlifted to shock trauma with non-life threatening injuries. we are told he is facing drunk driving charges. someone in a parked car was taken to hospital. the motorcyclists killed in a
crash over the weekend has been identified as of thealtimore county police officer william anderson iii. he was highly respected, both by his peers and community. just last month he was honored as an unsung hero by the house and various citizens on patrol. less than 24 hours after an acute race -- rapist was arrested, another suspect wanted to " rip us what the rest. anthony eugene robinson caught and arrested in aberdeen, accused of forcing a woman and her car, drive it hurt to a remote part of harford county everything her. but the more city police are looking for victims of a serial -- over the weekend police arrested 29-year-owned devon anderson after detectives executed a search warrant. inside they recovered a ton of stuff, including laptops, printers, various gaming
systems. they're asking victims to come forward to reclaim items. >> we believe he is responsible for five right now. again, we are in the early stages of this investigation. these investigations are time consuming and fairly tedious, as you can see with all of the property that is out there. so, we are going to be working at this one for a while. >> andersen has been charged with burglary. if you think the lease may have recovered your stuff give them a call. friends of an l.a. cop city girl injured in bombings in the gonna say it is not clear -- friends and ellicot city girl injured in bombings in uganda say it is not clear when she will return home. emily's parents are arrived in johannesburg to be by her daughter's side. her grandmother joanne was with her at the time of the bombings and was also injured. if you would like to help the family we pulled information on our website,
the whole idea behind baltimore -- waterfront, not is to give everyone access to its duty. unfortunately right near a town house development it is floating. it was meant to be temporary until a permanent bridge parma not would be put in place, and that was five years of god -- five years ago. >> we are still waiting for construction to start. but the city sent a letter threatening a lawsuit. the homeowners association will meet tonight to discuss its. another delay in the capping of the leaking well in the gulf of mexico. a small lake formed as they began pressure testing. bp says it can fix the leak and begin the pressure test. our reporter has more. >> the latest setback was at bp was about to start the integrity tests. >> we noticed a leak on the hub of the choke line.
when we saw that, that would have approved -- precluded us from properly doing that. >> overnight robots worked to stem the leak. replacing the line with another. >> we did anticipate it could be an issue. that's why we had it. we were prepared for it. we made adjustments and now we need to go forward and retested. then we will move forward. >> the test they hope will ultimately tell them how well the cap will hold. and if there are other weak spots. they will do that by checking pressure readings. >> if we have very low pressure readings, it would be like putting a bomb over the garden hose and the water is going someplace else. high-pressure readings, indication it is intact. talk about the integrity of the pipe. that all relates to how much mud and procedures will be needed and how they will kill the well down below. >> a massive breach after the cap is closed has been a
concern. >> an enormous amount of pressure coming to a halt immediately. very much like a train into a brick wall. it would send a shock wave that could cause problems anywhere from the surface of the well board to deep in the well. >> the reason the government ordered this week's 24-hour delay for more analysis. >> this is a "first do no harm" to the well. >> if all goes according to plan, the test could show the cap is capable of shutting down the well, or siphoning most, if not all of the oil to the service. the government ordered bp to proceed cautiously. pausing every six hours to evaluate. >> coming up, police in texas are investigating the death of a mayor of a small town and her daughter. could your retirement funds run out in 20 years?
animal trainer is here to answer your pet questions.
>> the bodies of a mayor and her daughter were discovered in their home outside of dallas. police responded to the house
tuesday night after mayor jayne peters missed a city council meeting. they found the body of the 55- year-old and her daughter shot to death. police say it there were no signs of forced entry. police are investing it as a murder-suicide. the mayor's husband died in 2008. former vice president dick cheney is recovering from major heart surgery. he released a statement saying he had a small pump inserted into his heart last week. he is recuperating in suburban washington. yet the long history of heart disease and had five heart attacks since the age of 37. still to come, the itch that scratching will not cure. how doctors are helping people who live with chronic itching. >> all of the iran has moved offshore and now we are dealing with heat and humidity -- all of that rain has moved offshore. right now, the sun is out. humidity is up and temperatures are, too.
>> our animal trainer is here to answer pet questions. you can email your questions to
>> in new study finds many retirees have run out of money after just 20 years. the employee benefit research institute says one-third of the middle income retirees will be broke after 20 years. even more, lower income workers will hit the wall earlier, after only 10 years. research shows living longer, not saving enough an unplanned health care costs will leave retirees short of living expenses. ford motor co. is bemoaning new features, including the first ever inflatable seat belt. the tiny air bag is attached to the seat belt across the state -- chest and upon impact it will conflate. they also into this radar
alerts of a possible collision an automatic parallel parker for those of you who may have trouble fitting into small parking spaces. representatives say they hope in the future wifi will help vehicles communicate and reduce the number of accidents on the roadway. >> let us take a look at our radar satellite combination. a lot of rain over the past few days. we are still spinning around with a weather disturbance. most of the rain is out of the range of the radar, but it is not as rigorous as the rain has been recently. but we still have a lot of humidity in the area we have been dealing with, a good chunk of the summer. that will not stop, it will continue. way off in the corner of the screen you can see the rain running out ahead of another cold front that will be coming our way over the weekend. it does not amount to much right now but it will produce -- it produced big thunderstorms in wisconsin last night. the front will be losing some
strength as it comes through here. let us take a look at where we stand as far as rain right now. as of last evening, so far this month, 2.83 inches, giving us 1.12 inches surplus now. but we came out of a deficit. it took all of that grain to get us into a surplus. a surplus over an inch. still a little bit of a deficit. just over half an inch. we have been doing a lot of catching up. some areas had a lot more rain than the 2.83 inches as well. what has begun to the pollen count? not much. they did not invigorate the plants. tree pollen just about zero, just about done for the season. grass pollen, low range. wheat, none at all. mold accounts has also the kind of low, 81. let us take a look at the current temperature situation. 87 and 80 -- 88 downtown of
airport. on the boardwalk, 80. 91 at frederick. hagerstown, 88. temperatures and the 70's, pleasant to the mountains of the west and they have the same sunshine. dew point, how much moisture is in the air. when it is up around 70 or higher, very tropical air mass. the notice of the airport it was 69. annapolis, 71. 75, eastern. 70's all the way down to maryland. mid 60's in far western maryland. a little less humid. but we are still in this tropical feeling air mass. there is the storm spinning off shore. the dry air as far as the rain concern -- but a humid air mass. the cold front to the west. ahead of that, warm and humid air will continue through tomorrow. today, sunny, hot, humid. low 90's for high. north of breeze. se 1, 5 knots, less than 1 foot
shop in the open waters of the day. the seven-day forecast -- 96 tomorrow. low 90's today. mid-90s's tomorrow. humidity still there. maybe a few scattered clouds. cold front friday night, saturday morning. could see a few scattered thunderstorms but it does not look like as much rain as we just experienced the past few days. maybe isolated showers or thundershowers sunday. temperatures back off a little bit. notice, loan 90's 4 hi monday, tuesday, wednesday. high monday,'s 48 tuesday one said. >> this is the sweetest kitty. >> this is lola. >> that is my cat's name. >> she is four months old, maryland spca, on sale today for $40. >> 40 bucks. what a deal? beautiful. >> she is a very sweet. she would probably get along with other cats because she is
kind of easygoing and soft and probably would not be in anybody's way. very, very sweet. falls road, --extension 105, and amber, wonderful to bring her to us today. >> good luck to low blood. -- lola. >> $40 with a shot and being spade, a great deal for a lot of love. >> first question, from time to time by two dogs fight over toys. when should i intervene? >> i think you should definitely intervene when it is getting -- like two children planning to rob and getting too excited. at some point, enough is enough. >> should you use water? >> leash and caller, if they are trained, they should respond to, no. if they have been trained properly.
>> something wrong with my microphone -- can you hear me now? two-year-old rescued shepherd mix scared of everything to bags blowing in the wind and my flag blowing on the porch. try to get her to overcome fears. very smart but scared. >> a very common question and we were just talking about it. the first thing you want to know -- do is teach your dog to sit and stay. you want to get your dog involved in what you want it to do and not anxiety. it has to be a very positive reason for the dog to sit and stay there and to be calm when the anxiety is high. i like to use coke beast -- cooked beef liver. but said wednesday. redirecting the dogs and anxiety does something positive. a great treat it only gets when it is a stimulus that could get it anxious. >> very special thing. >> positive. >> i am the proud owner of a
puppy having trouble with a problem of him by eating. he seems to do it in a playful manner, but it hurts. also a 12-year-old golden retriever and i cannot seem to have the both of them in the same room. >> common question and crumpled. and lot of people don't train the small dogs because they think they will not hurt as badly. that is not true at all. i use a leash and caller, and again, i teach the dog, instead of using the mouth in an aggressive manner, as a kiss, kiss, like, like, an alternative. you can take a tiny bit of peanut butter and teach it on your fingers so it learns the command to let. you could also put something else in its mouth. >> they are teething, right? >> they use their mouth like we use our hands. the want to hold things, interact, seeing what they can eat. >> great to see you. and good luck to little lola. >> falls road, available today.
>> imagine an itch that will not go away and scratching does not relieve the feeling. there are people who live with chronic engine. why researchers develop a scale so they can treat the pain. our reporter has more. in even the sight of someone scratching can make you itch. while there is a mental elements, some people live with chronic itching. a dam on a scale from 1 to 10, a bad was the itch? it was 10. >> jim was burned by 150-degree steam working in a paper recycling plant. >> get me out, i am burning. i remember the helicopter taking off and that the last thing i remember until the next day. >> he received skin grafts on his right leg in both ankles. he healed quickly but like 87% of burn victims, his wounds it. >> most of the time with a deep byrne it destroys the normal --
the normal oil gland. >> dr. vincent gabriel, a specialist at beauty southwestern said -- ut center, they devised an age scale that helps -- itch scale that helps doctors treat the itch. the images like pain, you cannot take a picture of itching parrot >> once it is measured, the doctor says there is a hierarchy of treatment, starting with a topical creams and progressing to oral antihistamine and then laser treatment, nerve stimulators and massage. jim says the kitchen has subsided. he is working again and has his life back. >> i am back to normal, play tennis, golf, ride a motorcycle, do gardening, pretty much everything we have always done. >> up next, your maryland lottery midday plattenburg -- pick 3 and pick 4 numbers.
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>> and now your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4. >> i am from 98 rock. let's play pick 3 numbers. that's 2. the next number for the pick three game is, seven. the last number, we've got another 2. 272.
maryland million dollar top prizes are available now on five maryland lot of a scratch jobs. visit your favorite retailer -- extreme cash blast, times 20 and the newest ticket, players club, for your chance to scratch a million. and now a drawing official is on set for your pick 4 numbers. we've got, 9, as printed on the ball. followed by, another 9, as printed on the ball. the next number is, 5. the last summer for your pick 4 game is 0. 9950. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> the heat is on once again. >> well, it is july. >> we say this every year. >> but this year has so far turned out to be a little more toasty than the past couple.
93 today, 96 tomorrow. high humidity. and then a slight rain chances on saturday, into sunday. >> thanks, john. have a great day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]